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framesWe supply all spectacle lens makes and materials, from standard plastic lenses, to High Index (thinner) plastics or glass lenses. We also supply polycarbonate lenses which are thinner, lighter and virtually unbreakable.

All lenses can be multi anti-reflection coated for comfort and better performance especially for computer work or night driving.

Most lenses are available with fixed tints or in photochromic material, where the tint darkens or lightens according to the conditions.

We stock a range of frames from budget prices up to top designer names. Here is a selection of our brands available:

Lacoste – Jaguar – Morgan – Guy Laroche – Carolina Herrera – Fila – John Rochas

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada – Armand Basi – Elle – Esprit


Contact Lenses

contactlensWe fit conventional soft lenses, either monthly or daily disposable, or monthly replacement soft silicone lenses for daytime wear or day and night continuous wear. We also fit rigid gas permeable lenses.

sunglassesAs mentioned in the glasses section, any of our lenses are available in fixed tints meaning we can supply you with top of the range prescription sunglasses. You can choose from all of our standard frames as well as some specifically designed frames for sunglasses.